The Brokerage Division of George Comfort & Sons, Inc. was created to assist corporate clients with all of their commercial real estate needs. In the simplest terms, our experienced real-estate professionals act as a real estate arm for corporations, working on their behalf to address and resolve all issues concerning commercial office space.

Our experienced professionals act as a real estate arm for corporations.

Our commitment to a hands-on, personalized approach for every transaction sets us apart from the competition. This applies to all the real estate broker services we provide, which include the following:

  • Review of Present Situation and Future Needs. We conduct a thorough evaluation to define your immediate and projected space requirements.
  • Review of Market Alternatives. We prepare a comprehensive review of all market alternatives as they relate to the location, building and economic parameters of your search. We examine the quality of a building, its tenancy, ownership and services, as well as the economic package being offered.
  • Financial Analysis. We develop thorough and detailed financial projections for each alternative, taking into consideration all factors such as rent, free rent, taxes, escalations, construction costs and utility charges that have an impact on the final economic package.
  • Lease Negotiations. We conduct experienced negotiations on your behalf, with careful attention given to critical business items and relevant issues that help us conclude the most favorable transaction for you.
  • Coordination of Services. We coordinate the services of all relevant parties, including space designers, architects and attorneys, to ensure a successful transaction and smooth transition.

Whether the business at hand is a search for new offices, a disposition of excess space, or the exploration of a new market, GCS' brokers are always ready to assist you. We define your needs, develop and analyze alternative solutions, recommend the best course of action and work expeditiously to achieve the results you require.



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